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Augmented Journalist

One of the near-future scenarios I've been exploring is Augmented Journalist. In Augmented Journalism, journalists make use of automated processes and AI enabled technologies to enhance their research and publishing capabilities. New forms of reporting and journalism emerge as data is increasingly seen as content, commodity and currency. The reader's own context, behaviour, and needs, help determine when, where, and how, they get the news.

This scenario is a work-in-progress.

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Critical Uncertainties

Levels and Objects of Trust - Transparency of process is a leading determinant of trust

Role and Definition of Journalist/Journalism - Journalists as data-literate interpreters

Formats, Media, Channels, Technology - Content is produced for cross-platform delivery, while distributed computing, data analytics and AI enabled processes help journalists produce quality content faster, and readers get the content they want and need

User Context, Needs, Behaviour - Contextually-driven interfaces

Data and Privacy Culture - Readers have control, and share their data when they see value

System Organization and Power Structures - Large technology corporations continue to dominate, but governments impose stricter regulations. Business models diversify, and those without technological capacity lose ground


What happens when content - when reality - can be convincingly falsified?

To what extent will editorial content and processes be automated? Will people trust computer generated stories?

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