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Old-school futuring

It seems future concepts for the news are not new - after taking a deep dive into Google and Wikipedia, I found this etching from Emile Souvestre, in 1846. He imagined a live-stream newspaper, sending out 6035 metres of printed paper through the streets daily.

 Le Grand Pan - Emile Souvestre, 1846

Le Grand Pan - Emile Souvestre, 1846

Complete with segmented subscription model, this concept, while clearly a product of it's times, foreshadows the subscription models and 24/7 news stream we have today. The steam powered horse is particularly illustrative of how the future is imagined in the terms of the present.

I think this is something I'll need to consider carefully in my scenarios - how to illustrate them, make them real, in a way that might not be timeless, but is in some ways technology-agnostic.

The goal should be to raise questions and provoke responses - what would it be like to sit in public, shoulder-to-shoulder with strangers, looking down at a constantly updating stream of news and content?

Chris Pearsell-RossComment