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eRegistries Initiative - graphics and branding


eRegistries Initiative

Using a data-driven approach, the eRegistries Initiative helps health ministries around the world to develop electronic registry systems that collect data at the point of care. This enables access to electronic health records to better support patients, as well as aggregating regional and national health statistics to support ministry-level decision making.

the project

Over a 6 month period, I worked part time as an internal consultant to the eRegistries Initiative at the Folkehelseinstituttet. While there I worked with staff to identify core values for the initiative and developed branding, a graphic style, templates and guidelines. I also produced a series of toolkits and guideline documents in the new graphics style.

logo with background.png

graphic style

The eRegistries Initiative is a research and technology driven project within FHI. As an internationally-facing project, working directly foreign ministries and international partners, they needed a recognisable brand to promote their work. The style needed to communicate feelings of trust and accountability, while appearing accessible and appropriate in the health and technology sectors.


The eRegistries logo was refined through many iterative stages with staff and managers at FHI. The goal was to create something that communicated data, aggregation, and a global reach. The logo also had to stand out from FHI's branding, while looking at home on their websites and publications.