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Futures Compass

Futures Compass

Futures Compass is the result of a 4 month thesis project at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. Embedded as a designer at Schibsted Media Group, I wanted to explore how we can use the future as a creative tool. Futures Compass is a futures game designed to help creative teams at Schibsted to do just that.


Core Components

The Futures Compass process and core components are informed by 4 months of embedded research and design work with some of Schibsted's most creative product teams. 

game Play

Futures Compass takes teams through 4 core stages:

  1. Understanding change today, but working with signals and trends
  2. Exploring possible alternatives, by introducing uncertainty
  3. Imagining our own agency, by introducing different outcomes
  4. Act today, informed by our learnings.

Futures Literacy

At the core of Futures Compass is a concept called Futures Literacy, something Riel Miller calls our "capacity to explore the potential of the present to give rise to the future." The goal is to increase our literacy with thinking about the future, so that we can make better decisions today.