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Next Gen Issues

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NextGen Issues

modular news for millennial audiences

This project was completed over 4 weeks as part of the Screens course at AHO, in partnership with Schibsted NextGen, a design lab embedded at the heart of Scandinavia's biggest publishing house.

Based on Schibsted's extensive user research, the project targets younger readers who want to become more engaged with the news, but feel it is inaccessible and a burden. Using Systems Oriented Design methods, I mapped and analysed complex, long-term news stories, looking for unique types of content and structures.

The final delivery - a mobile app prototype - combines two learning communication strategies, presenting news in a modular, atomised way. The user is offered baby steps into complex stories, and the content they see updates and adapts to their level of engagement in the story. The result - NextGen Issues - is an onramp to complex issues that makes it easy for readers to stay engaged.

Diploma Work

This project and the relationship it allowed me to build with Schibsted NextGen will form the foundation of my diploma work, starting in January 2018. I will use futures studies methods to explore possible futures for news and journalism, using speculative design and design fiction to challenge our ideas of what the news could be. More here.